Author Topic: Korbanth LS6 Polished Retrofit/Conversion  (Read 2062 times)

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Korbanth LS6 Polished Retrofit/Conversion
« on: December 19, 2012, 07:27:13 PM »
Hey Folks,

I have yet another Korbanth LS6 to show you all. I've done a lot of these of late, and am glad to say this is the last one for a while. This saber is a bit different than ones past. I snagged this hilt off eBay a few months ago, and it was in terrible shape. The anodizing was faded/scratched off, the clamp was broken, and there was some pretty bad scuffing/pitting in the lower portion of the hilt. Breaking out the sandpaper and dremel, I cleaned 'er up and polished it to a near chrome shine. I also modded the hilt to accept a TCSS Box instead of a graflex one. This saber is powered by a Nano Biscotti board. To say the least, these little boards are awesome.

I am really pleased at how this one turned out.  8)

So, here are some specs.
- Modded and polished Korbanth LS6 Hilt
- Seoul P4 LED
- Nano Biscotti Soundboard
- 750mah 3.7V LI-ion Cell
- Touchplate Activation
- 2W Rectangular speaker
- 1.3mm charge port

Youtube Video:

Some Glams:

Thanks for checking it out. I'll be putting this one up for sale soon, so keep and eye out.  8)

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Re: Korbanth LS6 Polished Retrofit/Conversion
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2012, 07:35:27 PM »
I really like the polishing!  Good job

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